In 2018, a group made up of men and women went dancing in Aita San Miguel square on the most important day of the festivities. A tradition of more than 100 years was broken. In 2019, for the first time, the mixed group will participate in Urrijena.

In Iurreta, as in other important squares in the Basque Country, men played a greater role and monopolized them. Little by little the women have taken their place in the different squares.

The change in Iurreta has occurred naturally thanks to the work carried out by certain people and that historic image could be seen at the parties last year. Now in 2019 there is one more advance and for the first time, the mixed group will participate in Urrijena. Every five years, all those who make up the village dance group meet at the Urrijena festival in Iurreta who will participate in this festival along with dantzaris from other generations.

The rehearsals, the preparations and the emotion that live in the square will be the common thread of the documentary. Likewise, some testimonies of dantzaris from other groups, researchers and other people related to dance will also be collected.

Data sheet

Directors: Jone Guenetxea – Carlos Iglesias

Filmmakers: David Maeztu – Xabier Zabala A.

Director of photography: David Maeztu

Screenplay: Jone Guenetxea – Carlos Iglesias – Xabier Zabala A.

Cinematographers: Eukeni Arriortua – David Maeztu – Iker Rementeria – Ramón Larrabaster 

Sound: Miguel Ramirez – Javier Hernando – Xabier Zabala A.

Music: Mikel Nuñez Lauzirika

Music programmer: Nerea Alberdi

Audio Postproduction: Bideografik

Production: Unai Esturo – Eneko Barroeta “Barru” – Carlos Iglesias – Jone Guenetxea

Copyrider: Mikel Azkarraga

Poster image: Lehior Elorriaga


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